"Wendy's" Promo


Who knew being in a suit of armor could be so much fun! 

Quirky/Awkward TV Comedy Scene:  

Carly discovers  her roommate's boyfriend is home playing video games & eating her cheese...again.

Vulnerable/Bonding Dramatic TV Scene


Amy confesses to her only true friend how important he is to her.

Headstrong/Hurt  Dramatic Film Scene


 Astrid is determined not to let her mother get to her, while visiting her in prison. 

Stand-Up Comedy : "Professor Rhymes"


A clip from a Stand-Up set performed at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC--talking about my intense African Dance teacher, Professor Rhymes.

Dramatic Film Reel--2 minutes



Eccentric Best Friend TV Sitcom Scene


Girls night out gets complicated when Bernadette suggests to her BFF that she consider finding a new boyfriend.

Bubbly/Insecure Indie  Film Scene:  

Ashley desperatly wants to be BFFs with her new sister-in-law.

Improv Skillz!


Watch me create and embody over 6 characters on the spot in under 2 minutes!

Hip Hop Dance clip


I have had the pleasure of being in various dance troupes performing Hip-Hop, African and Jazz so this is just a little taste of my moves!